Monday, March 30, 2009

Can you Choose...

The music calls me back home...
the desire takes me away from you...
in the middle there is silence...
choose the best sky...
But can u choose...

Friday, March 27, 2009


the eyes look deep into something, waiting for something...a strange thirst which is so fulfilling and contented...
a desire so full yet so empty...
come and knock the door and u will know the unknowable...
come and be a part of this mystery which i carry...
the smile which make flowers blossom, the green become more lively and fresh...
Oh Sreyoshi u remind of nothing but the beautiful it can be....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Upanishad Map Of Human Consciousness

Every religion has its own way of interpretation of truth and every way is so unique.
And if we look deeper into how to come to a point of realization, the method used is so scientific, so logical which has make me realize that saints are the biggest scientist, the truths which a scientist is discovering right now has been already discovered by these saints and masters.
There is a path to truth or we can say that this path is the pathless path because whatever we walk on this path is like not walking, its like speaking but without speaking, it’s like hearing without any hearing...the path which doesn’t leave any’s a path of going beyond the mind with the help of mind.
The Upanishad path of human consciousness is very interesting it starts with the body, the sutra says “the man has to become powerful only when he is powerful he is able to rise above normal way of life and with his power he defeats other men”...the sutra might look very superficial but actually it is talking about your inner strength, our energy is scattered going in different direction, flowing in different desires and because of that we feel drained and in this existing state the strength doesn’t happen. The spiritual journey starts with the accumulation of strength within you; your energy should be focused on one desire in order to come to a point of strength and unless and until the strength doesn’t happen the journey doesn’t begin.
And with this strength new dimensions starts opening in front of him, a new level start emerging in front of him, the lion starts emerging among sheeps...the consciousness starts rising and only when the consciousness of seeker reaches the point of strength he meets the master, this makes him capable of being near a Guru.
The master is always around but disciple needs eyes to see him, the strength gives him eyes to see the master. In other words this energy wakes up the inner guru within the seeker making his chakras activated.
And being close to the master the disciple learns 3 things or in other words transformation happens within him...
He starts moving from seeing to watching....he becomes the watcher...
He starts moving from hearing to listening...he becomes the listener...
He starts moving from mind to no-mind...he becomes thoughtless...
These 3 things give way to the 4th dimension....
The dimension of the Buddhas...he becomes the Buddha himself...
The disciple becomes the Guru....
The drop becomes the ocean...
This beautiful sutra is complete in itself...there are stages to evolution and these stages are very scientific...step by step...the invisible starts appearing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Neither This Nor That...

One day you see everything collapsing
Other day everything falling to its place

One day you see greenery
Other day you see the tree deserted

One day you see friendship
Other day it’s an enemy

One day you see its love
Other day it turns into hate

One day you see the praise happening
Other day turning into insult

Whether its negative or positive
Whether its light or darkness
Whether its up or down
Whether its heaven or hell

All are aspects of you

The only way
The one and only way
The ultimate way
Is to be conscious
Is to be aware
Is to be alert
Is to be watchful

Of yourself

The only way to freedom

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is Happening Master?

Disciple asked - what is happening beloved Master?

Master answered -

something is happening....

but this something is something which happens beyond you...

I try to dive more and more into this something which results in more and more of happening...

Dont ask just flow in this happening of something....



Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Oh Wow...
I have been transported to this new world...
A divine vehicle is gifted...
Which takes me through this secret door...
The door between the sun and the moon...
The door between the conscious and the unconscious...
Takes me beyond the body...
Takes me beyond the mind...
Into the garden of light...
Which has no boundaries...
Above the law...
This “I” has gratitude...
For the kingdom which has been given...
For tasting the wine...
This “I” is nothing but still...
It becomes God...

Nadi Ke Dweep - Islands Of A River

Nadi ke Dweep is another of Osho’s recommended book. Osho says; The Hindi title is NADI KE DWEEP, which may be translated as ISLANDS OF A RIVER, and it was written by Satchidanand Vatsyayana. This novel is for those who want to meditate; it is a meditators novel. No other novel, neither by Tolstoy nor Chekhov, can be compared to it.”
I have been trying very hard to get this book and finally I am going through it...
There is something which I feel like translating and here it goes.....

“Chandra and Rekha are having arguments with each other on “What is Truth...?”.
Chandra was saying that Truth is everything, whatever we see around, whatever we experience is Truth. This is the basis and the foundation of Truth.
Rekha interrupted...but there is also false in this world, there is also untruth, fraud, this also Truth? Or you would like to define Truth in a different way, if you say that everything is truth then all these things also comes into truth.
Chandra replied... “No, whatever is...Is Truth and this means it also includes false and doubt. So if I have a doubt or an illusion then its existence also signifies that it is Truth. And if I see ghosts then they are also part of Truth, whether they are there or not, if I see them they are Truth. Or you can also say that existence of Ghosts is my Truth and it might not be yours.”
“So this means Truth depends upon me, on my personal thinking and belief and it’s not universal...”, interrupted Rekha. “So Dr. Bhuvan you also think the same way...?”
But before Bhuvan could say anything Chandra said, “Yes, Truth is according to you and ‘Your Truth’ cannot be according to anyone else, but you. Everyone has one’s own Truth. Truth has a direct connection with you and Truth cannot be indirect. Indirect are the things – the matter. Matter is not the truth but only matter. Knowing about the matter, being aware of the matter are Truth and knowing is different to everybody. My knowing is different from your knowing”.
Bhuvan said, “I feel that we are not being able to distinguish between the Truth and the matter. Ghosts exist or not but if they exist for me then it’s a reality. So whatever Chandra is saying about matter and truth is understandable but it seems to be the incomplete Truth”.
“Why? What is ahead of it”? Chandra questioned.
Bhuvan , “Matter is a part of the reality. In reality many things come....thoughts, imaginations, incidents, circumstances...these are all a part of the reality which you cannot really call Matter”.
“I am not saying that but at least it can be called reality, Truth”,said Chandra in a way to win the discussion. “In fact this is what I was saying”.
“No...I would like to differentiate between Reality and Truth. Or you can say that I would like to differentiate between the direct and the indirect Truth”, Bhuvan then stopped for a while and resumed, “for example, if we add 2 and 2, it will come to 4. What you will call this”?
Chandra, “ else can you define it”?
Bhuvan, “But I’d not. I will say that it is a reality and all these types of “truths” are called reality. And we can only call them Truth when we have a direct relationship with them, a relationship in which your senses give you the experience of truth. That means the realities which are coming out of our own experience, our feeling and emotions are Truth and those realities which are part of this material world, the realities with which we are not connected to via any emotion then that is called reality but it is not Truth.”

This novel talks about sensitive sensations, talks about the sky, the rain, dew drops...
The realities of the relationships....I think, you will enjoy reading this...


Tree Swaying...

Tree Swaying...
Swaying with the breezes...
Playing with the wind...
Dancing to its tune...
Flowing with its rhythm...
Ecstasy is happening...
Orgasm is reaching...

Tree swaying...
Touching something in me...
Touching the chords of my heart...

Tree swaying...
Giving a message of love, celebration & Sufis...

Tree swaying...
Saying, “I am fulfilled...”
The Alexander is a long and never ending journey
Be a Diogenes right now...
Yes if not now....when...

Monday, December 3, 2007

There is only one thing and that is Awareness

Question: Bhagwan what is the fastest and the most dangerous way of finishing our ego?
Answer – Ego...have you seen it, have you touched it...where is it...
Ego is the biggest lie, how can you eliminate something which is not there. If you fight with the darkness, one thing is will lose because if you want to win over someone that someone has to be there.
And there is no easy or difficult way to finish the ego and there is no fastest or slowest way to eliminate the ego...because ego doesn’t exist. So ego has to be there if you want to destroy it.
There is only one thing and that is being aware and conscious, awareness is the only way which can open up your eyes, you don’t have to fight with anything you just have to open up your eyes.
Start becoming aware of your body and you will see that the body starts becoming beautiful; the body will have a very beautiful harmony.
Then start becoming aware of your mind, of your thought which are going around and then will see that thoughtfulness will start happening and for the first time you will start hearing the music of the Divine. The dust which is gathered around you will start disappearing.
And finally start becoming aware of your feelings which are very subtle and delicate, now watching is reaching the final step.
Start with the body then the mind and finally watching your feelings...take these 3 steps and the 4th happens on its own.
The fourth brings the gift of awareness for you.
Siddhartha you don’t have to fight with the ego, you simply have to wake up, you simply have to start watching yourself, your action, your thoughts and finally you.
There is only one thing and that is awareness, watching, conscious, looking, seeing, alertness...just watching...watching...watching....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Light Is The Reality...

Osho said – “When you are lost, god is. When you are, god disappears. Both cannot exist together.
The relationship is almost like darkness and light. The room is dark -- you bring light in. The moment you bring light in, the darkness is no more there.
I was reading an old Sufi story -- a parable -- about a very ancient cave. The cave had never known any light -- it was so dark, and it was hidden so deep in a mountain. The sun started feeling very sorry for the cave. He would come every morning and would knock -- but the cave wouldn't listen.
One day he knocked unusually loud and he said to the cave, 'What are you doing there for centuries and centuries? I come every day and I bring such tremendous beauty and colour and light and love and life and warmth -- and you continue hiding there! What are you doing there? Come out! Just for once, just for a change, come out and see what is happening outside. It is no more night. There is no need to hide!'
The cave could not believe it. She had never heard anything about light, colour, warmth, love, life. She had always been there deep in the darkness. She laughed and she said, 'I don't trust. Whosoever you are, don't try to befool me'
But the sun insisted. And just to see whether it was true -- very unbelievingly, in great doubt, in a tremendously sceptical mood -- the cave came out. It was true, and it was really wonderful -- and she had been missing for centuries and centuries!
She was very thankful and she said, 'Now, I listened to you -- you listen to me. Come in. You see my deep darkness too -- you may not have ever seen it. I cannot offer you anything else. I know only one thing and that is darkness. Come in and have a taste of it as I have tasted. As I accepted your invitation, accept mine.'
The sun came in... And there was no darkness. The cave could not believe it. She said, 'What has happened? It was there -- it cannot disappear. It has always been here, for centuries and centuries. What has happened?'
The sun laughed and he said, 'When I am there, the darkness cannot be -- we both cannot exist together. Darkness is my absence.'
Man is the absence of god. Man never meets god, remember! When the meeting happens, man is no more there -- only god is there. It happens with the death of man, with the disappearance of man.”
When you are in thoughts you are in darkness, when you are in dreams you are in darkness...even though it doesn’t exist still it exist so its existence is only possible if light is not there...the darkness cannot say that I have existed for many centuries I will take time to the moment light comes in there is no space for it, there is no space for desire, there is no space for ignorance and there is no space for time.
A very interesting sutra came out of the conversation which I was having with Someone, the sutra is “Don’t worry too much about the darkness, don’t start fighting with it, don’t pay much attention to it instead light a lamp, bring light and your efforts should be more moving towards the sun”.
This simple sutra can change the life of the disciple; with this simple understanding lot of growth can happen, with this small ray of light the seeker can start coming out of his pit and with this small string one can know that the truth is not far away.
This darkness has been called by many names like the negative, the devil, the black and many other...this division has been made from the very beginning that this world has been divided into two forces...the surprising element is that we cry, we shout, we complain, we go through this terrible pain and tormenting because of this darkness but the moment light comes into our life where do these elements disappear, suddenly when the light comes the miracle happens and the truth comes out.
The miracle is both have not met...light and the darkness they have not met each other but still they exist...from the point of view of light it has not seen darkness and vice versa with darkness has not seen light.
There is a power of the dark and there is a power of the light...What I feel is that we are made up of both and man has been given this ultimate choice and freedom to choose...either choose to be with the dark, to be with this body or else to choose with the light, with his higher self, with the spirit. A seeker is the one who has started to understand that he has already lived in this darkness for so long now its time to explore the light....and yes you can exist in darkness but you will simply disappear in light...the ego can only survive in the dark because it is made of light everything disappears.

In The Midst Of....

The one who can find silence
In the midst of loudness...

The one who can find stillness
In the midst of fast movement....

The one who can find God
In the midst of all the desires...

The one who can find himself
In the midst of everybody...

The one who can attain to love
In the midst of all this ego....

The one who can attain the Buddha
In the midst of being a Zorba...

The one who can attain the blossoming of a flower
In the midst of rocks sitting around....

The one who can be the oasis
In the midst of this vast desert...

That one is the one whose
Mind and the heart are together
Are in harmony
Are in ecstasy....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beowulf – The Story Of Never Ending Desire

Recently watched this movie called Beowulf, this movie is based on the epic poem written by some anonymous poet. If looked from the superficial point of view it’s the hero fighting with the dragon and other enemies but if we go deeper into this movie we will see that this movie is talking about the vicious circle of endless desire.

The one who start conquering the small desire come to a point where he also faces the mother of all the desires. Beowulf in the man who is in everybody, he is young, he is energetic, enthusiastic, confident, powerful and he is the one who has come fresh from God and this is how everybody comes from God and one day he starts going beyond the desire and in doing so he kills many sons of mother desire.

And in doing so he actually gives the ultimate challenge to the mother of desire but when Beowulf faces her, he starts losing his strength and control because this desire seems to be the ultimate and gives many promises to him and also she appears as the most beautiful woman which depicts that sex is the last and the mother of all the desire and the one who is ready to go beyond sex, he is ready to go beyond desire.

Whenever he listens to this mother desire, she gives birth to more desires resulting in destruction and failure of his kingdom and control.

When I was watching this movie this message came within me that the desire returns in many forms, the mind try to survive in every possible way and this is what is happening to man that every time he listens to the desire, to the mind, he falls again and again creating hell for himself but the moment he starts going beyond the desire the master, the king starts returning creating heaven for himself.

Man has a choice to be a Beowulf and fall or he can be a Buddha and rise....



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Brothers Karamazov

Brothers Karamazov is a novel which represents life in very detail. Dostoevsky has studied human mind and its nature very closely and in his novel he has revealed in very detail about human mind.
He has talked about love and how it transforms you, he has written about jealousy and what it leads to and how it burns.
He is the most alive and enthusiastic writer I have across, I don’t see a trace of passiveness in his language and I feel his energy is so active, so lively and so passionate.
If one has to talk about life then Dostoevsky novel is the perfect material which reveals different dimensions of life. One can miss Gita; one can miss Ramayana but should not miss Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov.
It happens very rarely that the expression of life is revealed through words and this novel takes you on a journey called life.

There Is No Reason Why?

There is no reason why?
Why I can’t be joyous all the time?
Why can’t I be in that bliss always?
Why can’t I enjoy that inner ecstasy always?
Why can’t I be in Rasa always?
Why can’t I?

The mind will say how it can be?
How can the light prevail always?
How can this star remain always?
How can this be possible?

The mind says How? And the heart says Why Not?
Follow the heart and you will know the secret of life...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana has a beautiful presence, a presence who is so calm, so peaceful and a face which is so full of love and radiating light. Looking at Sri Ramana suddenly you start losing all the unessential and start growing and transforming in your being. This miracle start happening when you feel the presence of someone who has realized, the biggest miracle is that you start becoming desireless and start flowing in oneself. Guru can be the biggest inspiration for you but only inspiration on your path, walking has to be done by you only alone and that is all the function of the Guru is that he becomes a living example and Sri Ramana is one of that example.
The magic of their presence is such that even if you see these Buddhas in your dream you start coming out of your dream and you start become more and more aware and conscious. They quietly come into your dream and give you blessing and love.
Through this blog I pay my loving panamas to Sri Ramana Maharshi.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vikas Ji

A Guru, guide, philosopher, friend, companion, teacher and many more names people give it to Vikas Ji. He is the first one I have come across who gave me the taste of what it means to be near a Guru. Till now I have only read and heard of what Guru is but when I came in contact with him something started changing in me, a new dimension started opening in me and I started seeing the practical side of life , of spirituality.
I met Vikas Ji when he is about to give his first lecture in Delhi, when he is about to share himself to this world and after this lecture I am in touch with him. He is the one who inspired me into paintings and helped in doing my first art exhibition. He is the one who inspired me to write a book which I am in a process. He is the one who gave me ideas on how to run a successful business.
Vikas Ji has written many books and taken different groups to inspire and guide people towards development and growth of their consciousness. Individual who comes in contact with him starts transforming naturally.
Currently Vikas Ji is in Singapore and running a spiritual centre known as Soul Centre and people from all walks of life are connecting to him.
Through this blog I just want to thank him and want to give my pranam.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

In Love...

In love you
Start disappearing...
And dissolving...
And melting...
And finishing...
And evaporating...
And be nothing...
And in that loosing...
Love – who? – doesn’t matter
Love love love
And Nanak says
The one who loves experiences God
“Jin Prem Kiyo
Tin Hi Prabho Payo”

Monday, September 17, 2007

3 Virtues

Buddha is about to leave his body, he has declared I will only be in this body for 4 months, after 4 months you will not see me in this body. Buddha said use these 4 months for your transformation; now don’t waste any more time... Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!..

Listening to this declaration the disciples didn’t believe their ears...they were deeply moved...some went into deep shock...even those who have experienced Samadhi in their sadhana...the disciples who have attained Arhatva – a state of victory over the enemies – a state when the king is established unto himself – a state where the victory over the senses have happened – even those Arihantas were deeply moved – they never thought Buddha will ever die – such a beautiful man – how can death touch him. But howsoever beautiful the person is the death comes to him - it comes to everybody – doesn’t even leave Krishna nor Osho.

The news was disturbing and everyone loved Buddha so much that it was impossible to give away this attachment but there is was one disciple his name was Dhamma Ram – he totally understood what Buddha said – a shock went through his spine – something happened inside him and he started living in aloneness and started meditating with all his intensity. At that very moment very naturally a discipline came inside him and he started his meditation with all his intensity.

Dhamma Ram decided in himself that I have to wake up before Buddha leaves his body, if I cannot achieve that state of Arhatva when Buddha is alive then there is no hope for him after Buddha leaves his body. So he directed all of his energy into waking up, into his meditation, into his sadhna. From now on I will have only 3 disciplines first is “Silence” being more and more into myself – living in silence within myself – not wasting my time anymore in talking worthless, second is “Aloneness” being more and more with myself – spending time within me – not expecting anybody – now exploring the richness of being totally alone and the third is “Meditation” exploring Who I am? Through intense meditation – I will give myself totally to it – will not leave anything – from now on my devotion will be total and complete – this is what Dhamma Ram’s resolution was.

Dhamma Ram attained enlightenment in the presence of Buddha and his dreamless dream was fulfilled – he attained his flowering – seeing all this Buddha preached his disciple that one should be like Dhamma Ram – one should be always working towards his aloneness, his silence and his meditation with their totality to reach the flowering like Dhamma Ram has reached.

That Dhamma Ram is very much alive in all of us, we just have to realize that and start working on it – the time is very less – the Buddha is about to leave very soon – so put all your effort and energy towards waking up, work on your 3 virtues Silence, Aloneness and Meditation.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who am I?

Who is he?
Who speaks?
Who thinks?
Who sees?
Who walks?
Who writes?
Who reads?
Who is he?
Who says who is he?
Find the source...
From where everything comes...
From where the expression comes...
From where the manifestation comes...
Who is he?
Peeling peeling the onion...
And see who is left...?
Who is he?
Who is he?
Who is he?
Who am I?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Blue Umbrella

The innocence has all the secret of come so close to God in those moments. If there is a God – you start feeling that presence. And man if he can cry he is so close to the truth or I should say that he is the truth – that moment – that crying gives all the fulfilment which heart is always looking for.
Same innocence I experienced in the movie “Blue Umbrella” – Pankaj Kapoor in this movie expresses that beauty of innocence, of heart, of love. The movie brings you back to you – back to your roots – back to your home.

Enlightenment Guaranteed

Enlightenment Guaranteed is a beautiful movie which gives you a flavour of acceptance – enlightenment is something in which you are – you are enlightened – you are already there – but the moment we try to be something else – we go away from our nature – going against the nature is going against acceptance – once you
accept who you are – whatever you are – not desiring to go anywhere – not asking for anything – which Krishnamurti says “Choiceless Awareness”. Being aware of yourself – wherever you are – whatever you are – not complaining – here and now – exploring yourself. In that moment you start flowering – you start ripening - you start growing – you start elevating....

Friday, September 7, 2007

Waris Shah...Ishq Daa Waaris

A beautiful movie which can remind you of love, of Heer and Ranjha. Waris Shah is a Punjabi movie….watching this movie you will slowly slowly start melting…although being a punjabi movie one may think that it cannot be understood…but on the contrary while watching the movie you will enjoy the melody of the language too. This movie is more of living, more of experiencing than thinking about it…..

While writing “Heer” Waris Shah is asked how are you going to end this story of yours……Waris Shah said first of all I am just the medium “Heer” is descending on him and second he doesn’t know the next thing he will write….so its up to him how God ends.

A movie which is missed….watching Shah Rukh Khan is ok, is good but if one wants to experience some drops of real love….one should watch this…this movie can shake people…can bring them out of internet love…into real love.

Amrita Pritam writes…

Aj aakhan Waris Shah nun, kiton kabraan vichchon bol,
Te aj kitab-e-ishq daa koi agla varka phol
Ik roi si dhi Punjab di, tun likh likh maare vaen,
Aj lakhaan dhian rondian, tainun Waris Shah nun kaehn
Uth dardmandaan dia dardia, uth takk apna Punjab

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Beautiful Sona…

Sometimes it happens that the creation happens…in fact whenever we see the creation it is something of another world…not of this world…so creation just happens nobody makes it happen. The creativity descend upon us – the same way is has descended on Sona – a singer whose hypnotic voice is spreading its fragrance everywhere. I feel the flavor of love, flavor of jungle in her voice - listening to her just touches something in my heart. Beautiful Soma….

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Five senses our masters or servants?

Today listening to Osho’s discourse on Buddha something transpired in me….

Servants have turned into masters and masters into servants….

Our servants these 5 senses…

They have deceived the master….

The master doesn’t question them any more….

The messages coming from the servants are trusted blindly now….

This is what animal nature is….

And going beyond the senses is going beyond the animal nature.

Going deeper and deeper into the matter we found out it’s because of the mind…

The existence of the mind…

The moment we don’t listen to the mind….it starts dying….

The transformation starts happening….

The master starts appearing…..

She Came

And then she came….

Asking question about her….

About her future…

About her self…

Asking asking asking….

Then she asked with love in her eyes

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What do you do?

Where are you heading…?

All I know I am Siddhartha on the path….

Don’t know where I come from

Don’t know who I am

Don’t know where I am heading…

Same question arise inside me as yours

Same emotion arise inside me as yours

Same situation arise inside me as yours

Almost everything the same

Making a small difference of the master

He Who is guiding and showing the path…

Showing who I am

Showing where I come from

Showing where I am heading

With innocence she departed

Overfilling me with love

Giving me something of the beyond

That smile….

Those eyes of god…

Torching my heart…

She connected to me

God connected to me

God comes in all the faces….

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sitting In You

Obstacles can be transformed into spiritual growth

Poison can be transformed into nectar

Evil can be transformed into virtues

Distraction can be counted into devotion on the path.

People around can remind you of yourself

Of your ego

Of your mistakes

Of your childish nature

As Osho says where will you run…?

Where will you go…?

Wherever you will go there will be you

& you is the problem,

You is the obstacle

So be in this you….completely….

Without running…without doing… being

By watching…by waking up from sleep.

As Milarepa says mukti is hidden in samsara

The evils brings chances of more growth

Those distracting, illusionary and confusing thoughts

Make me remind of myself….

Of this samsara, of this big play.

They make me more accomplish yogi.

As Gorakh says Die O Yogi Die

Die do completely that death becomes the amrit

Die here and now…wherever you are….you can die....

This is the promise of Gorakh….

Alice In Wonderland

Master at whatever state he is, whatever is given to him…

There is a beautiful alchemy …

A beautiful transformation which happens….

Even dust turns into gold and same hold for the unconsciousness person even gold turns into dust.

Even positive turns into negative because of his ego, because of his blindness.

Osho’s recommended “Alice in wonderland” is another example of god’s work, of nature working.

Who would have thought that even children’s book can hold the most essential truth.

May be, I guess children’s books comes much closer to the truth because they are innocent down to earth, without ego.

When you read this book not only you enjoy what Alice is going through but also parallel to it you also notice the subtle truth which is behind the story.

I pray gratitude to the lovely master Osho, without him I would not have known or lived or grown in the realms which I was not even aware of.

He has helped me from a very scratch, he has ignited the light within me and he has given the confidence to my potential to grow, to flower, to be myself.

He has reminded me of my Buddha.



Friday, July 13, 2007

Rain Coming

Rain Comes

And washes everything

Cleanses everything

Gives new life to everybody

The dust on the leaves of tree

Wait for it patiently

The hope of man’s heart

Wait for it patiently

The dance of peacock’s being

Wait for it patiently

The thirst of the ground’s dust

Wait patiently for it

The rock’s new life

Wait for it patiently

Rain Comes

And washes everything

Cleanses everything

Gives new life to everybody

Oh what a wonder

This timeless scene

Nothing has everything

Everything has nothing

Celebrate, sing and dance

Rain invites you all

Friday, July 6, 2007

Leaves Of Grass

Walt Whitman the author of Leaves Of Grass seems to be a very courageous and rebellious too, although not very sure where he is heading….throwing arrows in the dark….and surprisingly some arrows have been thrown at the right place.

This is what wee see all the time even a film song which touches the heart of millions has something of god in it, otherwise there is no way that song can be recognized or appreciated and same goes with the song which is not appreciated however high caliber it seems to be showing but if its not touching the heart then there is some problem with it…most probably the problem is of the ego. When you create just create without having the thought whether it will be appreciated or not….when you just create for yourself…out of joy…out of your love…..then the real creativity happens.

Osho says that Walt Whitman had the potential of Rishi in him….he said many things in his poem but the real experience was lacking, he is the only American [Osho says] which he appreciate, many times he touches the sky but comes back…

He has talked about so many things in his poetry, his ego disappears and something beautiful comes up…in spite of him…so there are glimpses of unknown presence in his book.

Something from his book…..

“A child said what is grass?

Fetching it to me with full hands;

How could I answer the child?

I do not know what it is any more than he”

Eventually every great author comes to a point of nothingness…where he doesn’t really know…when the mind is broken and you have flied beyond it….

A poem inspired from his book….

“O Stranger!”

O stranger passing by…

You do not know how lovingly I look at you…

You must be he I was seeking, or she I was seeking

You gave me something invisible

Something of the heart…

You transpire something in my being

Your eyes remind me something of the beyond

With you o stranger words are not required

Our silence will communicate…

Our eyes will communicate…

Our feelings will communicate…

I have some when surely lived a life of joy with you,

I am not to speak to you,

I am to think of you when I sit alone or wake at night alone

I am to wait, I do now doubt

I am to meet you again,

I am to see to it that I do not lose you.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

O Beautiful Yogi

O Beautiful Yogi

O Mirdad

You inspire, you teach

You love, you care

You give, you compassion

O Milarepa

Gone beyond the mind

Gone beyond the world

Gone beyond the desire

I grow in your presence

O love! O Osho!

Master of masters

The ocean of bliss

You radiate our potential

You teach the child walk

You give the bird wings

You push the seed to be a tree

You teach the man to be the master

Countless are the gifts

So little is the time

So much to explore

So much to love

Gratitude O my master!

They say that Guru’s work cannot be paid back

Now I understand how

Now I understand why

Guru gives you That

To be That

To live That

To experience That

O beautiful Yogi

I surrender

I bow down

To the miracle of the Master

To his love

Obeisance to the Guru

Love Siddhartha

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Will Hassan Come Inside?

Waking up in one lovely morning

Hassan was splended….

Was speechless…

Seeing such a beautiful morning

A morning of brightness, flowers, rain, coolness….

A morning promising hopes and divine love of god…

A morning making you fresh and vibrant

Dusting away all the old….

A morning of transformation…

Expressing love….

A morning of completion, satisfaction and

Reaching your destination…

Oh Rabia! Come out and experience this heaven created

By this beautiful presence….

Come out…says Hassan

Nothing came but the laughter from inside….

Hassan again called Rabia… come and be a part of this green….

Are you not moved by it….

Now a bigger laughter came from Rabia

Hassan surprised at all this asked….

Rabia why do you mock me….

Have I been wrong again….

Rabia giggled and smiling like a child…

With the eyes of mother said…

Hassan when will you come inside?

The morning is beautiful revealing all its charm….

But Hassan there is a morning which I see inside me…

Which cannot be compared to this ….

This small pond cannot be compared

to this big ocean which is inside me….

Oh Hassan! Come inside…

Centuries have passed… so stuck you are on the green…

Which is outside…

When will you experience your green, your flowering, your fragrance…

Which makes you reach you to yourself…

Oh Hassan! This morning made by god is nothing compared to god himself…

This creating cannot be bigger than the creator…

Rabia and Hassan … 2 beautiful possibilities of nature…

Rabia is still calling Hassan inside and Hassan is still mystified

With the nature outside….

Will Hassan come inside….?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some lines...some statements...

Some lines, some statements cannot be ignored, while you are reading a book or listening to something... some words... some lines catch your becomes impossible to escape or ignore those words. What I feel is that your consciousness has known what needs to be known, the software is already installed but it is never used... man doesn't remember how to use it... so he just need to be reminded... it's just like children's color book, the images are in black and white and spaces are left so that the child can fill color in it. Slowly as the consciousness grows in man, the black and white picture starts turning into color picture.... it start becoming alive.
It is as if like every stone is alive inside... there are beautiful sculptures of stones, the consciousness just need to touch those stones and they will become alive, vibration of life will enter in them. So knowingly is enough... once you know... you are.... you become... you are there... you are that. And this is what Master's work is, to reveal you yourself of your own nature, your own truth.
So these statements, these words are nothing but a reminder of truth in you.....

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Burden Of Love...

When the clouds are heavy with rain –

Go to them – give them a chance to give you something…

Because not only your heart is satisfied but also

The heart of clouds – unburden them and

Fill yourself with a new possibility of burden….

A burden of love – which fills you up –

Which makes you overflow –

Which makes you alive – a burden of love

Is a burden of blessings.

Not only we miss the rain but

Rain also yearns for us…

Rain also wants to meet – to love

- to blossom – to be….

When the clouds are heavy with rain –

Go to them….